Ready to start planting in the soil! CSA sign up extended... Spring open house weekend!

Hope everybody is doing well.  Three of our greenhouses are full of flowers and vegetable plants, the compost has been put on the garden and we are ready to get planting.  If only we could get some warmer days to stick around here.  Our newest greenhouse, which we dedicate solely to vegetable plants is at capacity.  Everything looks very healthy and is growing as expected.  With that being said we would like to extend our CSA registration through Friday, April 18th 2014.  We feel due to the cold weather people aren’t really thinking about locally grown fresh vegetables, so we’ve extended the sign up a couple more weeks to “build” our food community.

We would love to take this opportunity to also announce that our spring open house will be Saturday April 19th.  Yes, we realize that this is Easter weekend, but please don’t hesitate to bring the family and enjoy some spring weather out at the farm.   The thousands of flowers and the new baby calves will keep everybody entertained.  It seems like every day that passes the farm gets a little more green and a little more lively.


Take care,

Kroul Farms

Kroul Farms Mt Vernon Fresh Produce