Summer at Kroul Farms - Community Supported Agriculture

From our gardens to your kitchen table! Kroul Farms plants almost 20 acres of fresh produce each year, and pick it all summer long in order to maximize the growing season. We use crop rotation and advanced mulching techniques, as well as homegrown compost, to ensure that we’re responsibly growing the highest quality of produce possible. While Kroul Farms is not certified organic, our growing methods virtually eliminate the need for herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

Fresh Produce

With all of the processed foods and unknown substances littering our pantries, Kroul Farms aim to provide some piece of mind. It’s a simple goal: allow our neighbors and customers to know where their food is coming from and how it’s grown.

The wide assortment of fruit and vegetables available at the farm is listed on the CSA page, but we’re always listening to our customers’ needs and experimenting with new varieties and plants. You can also find us at several local Farmers’ Markets, so check back each summer for this listing.

Community Supported Agriculture

Buy local, seasonal food, directly from a farmer.
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Kroul Farms Mt Vernon Fresh Produce