Winter at Kroul Farms - farm fresh eggs - firewood

November through March is generally a farm’s off-season, but not for Kroul Farms! Our chickens lay eggs year round as well, and they are available by the dozen. Our chickens are humanely raised, eat only antibiotic-free feed, and snack on our fresh produce all summer long. In February and March we prepare and plant thousands of trays of flowers, which begin growing in the greenhouses for the spring. 

Another part of the farm, born out of necessity to maintain land for cattle grazing, has become a staple of our business. We manage about 600 acres of timber ground and also help out our neighbors. The winter months allow us time to maintain this land.

Our Process

We do not log our timbers, but adapt naturally fallen and overgrown trees into quality hardwoods like oak, red elm, and cherry. The majority becomes firewood. Split right at the farm and available year-round, it’s great for campfires and natural burning fireplaces. High grade, larger logs are converted into rough-cut lumber using our own sawmill (priced per project). Because our wood is only produced naturally, availability can become limited. We do our best to accommodate local deliveries and pick ups, but do appreciate a week’s notice. Smaller amounts are available for pickup and are priced accordingly.

Firewood Delivery Size Options

Approx. 96 cubic ft
(regular truckload)

Approx. 128 cubic ft
(large truckload)



*Stacking fee is $15.

Kroul Farms Mt Vernon Fresh Produce